Case management software to help law firms of all sizes manage documents, appointments, invoices, contacts, and more.


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Mycase bills itself as a "complete law practice management" program, and it contains a variety of features that can make managing casework and case management ideal for any law practice, large or small. 

For law firms that struggle with case management, this program is absolutely ideal. It contains a huge array of features, including case management, document storage, and the ability to track who is working on what with a case. 

All of these features integrate with billing management. You can track time, invoice, and use the program to track how much a client may owe you and if they are behind on their payments.

Furthermore, attorneys who struggle with tracking and managing leads will find that this program can help them greatly. It has an entire module dedicated to lead tracking and customer management. You can use this program to input leads, track your progress, manage contacts, and eventually convert them into paying clients. 

Even better: You can create a "client portal" without having to invest thousands of dollars into a customized program. This enables your clients to be able to upload documents and review case files effortlessly and securely. 

Finally, it is worth noting that the program offers all the amenities that you would expect out of a program like this, including world-class security, intensive customer support, and partnership with dozens of local bar associations. 

The program is cloud-based, meaning that it could be accessed from any computer, iPhone, or iPad. This made using the program's various features a breeze, and this applies to clients or law firms, making it easy for attorneys to always be able to access any facet of a client's case. 

From a pricing perspective, you can get a free trial in which you can determine if this program is worth it for you. From there, the program is surprisingly cheap for all of these features: $49 or $59 a month. This is well within the limits of most attorneys. Use of the program does not come with any limits on the number of users either, meaning that this program can be used by a legal office with one attorney of 1,000. Some users did express concerns or confusions with the company's fee structures on payments, but those issues were quickly addressed by the company, further highlighting their robust efforts to respond to customer concerns.


  • Creates a one-stop shop for any law firm, allowing lawyers and office managers to input changes, track evidence, send out billing, and more.
  • Can be managed and accessed by multiple users who can have a variety of parameters and limitations set on their use. 
  • Contains sales modules, enabling attorneys to do more than practice their legal work, including convert a prospect to a client. 
  • Pricing is highly affordable and comes with a free trial. 


  • The financial interface was cited by numerous users as being in need of some improvement.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Cloud
  2. Dashboard
  3. Calendar Integration

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Reporting
  2. Document Management
  3. Workflow
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